Catriona Stanton

The Clearing 2016

28th March 2016
Wollongong Botanic Gardens

The Clearing comprises of 9 carved Hebel polyhedrons in a circular arrangement that are designed for sitting on, climbing over, leaning against and walking around. For those who take the time to explore these forms they will discover in each one there is the negative impression of either a hand, foot, ear, mouth or nose delicately and meticulously carved into the surface.

Hebel is a non-toxic contemporary material that uses 1/3 of the energy to produce than its counterparts. The methodology for creating the Hebel forms is dissecting a slab with 1200mm radius and 250mm height in the manner of a puzzle. Each angular cut creates interlocking planes. The slab is cut into 9 polyhedral forms that are then sculpted individually allowing some faces of the form to be more organic and others more geometric with straight vertices. The parts are then arranged in a playful configuration with pieces up-ended, interlocking forms closely coupled, some low and reclining and others sloping towards yonder. The negative form of isolated body parts are carved into a surface of each sculpture eg. a toe hold half way up a taller form or the negative space of an ear facing the trees beyond.

The future is no longer a linear trajectory but rather more like a kaleidoscope of interconnectedness through multiple platforms. The Clearing is an interactive sculpture to counter the anxieties and stress that comes with the demands of these times by inviting temporal suspension and sensory awareness. This is a playful and contemplative space for people to converge. This sculptural arrangement offers a place to eat together, interact, workshop, educate and meditate. The site provokes creativity, a stronger sense of belonging, the elimination of distraction and deeper relaxation. Come and clear your head at The Clearing!

Photos: Catriona Stanton