Catriona Stanton

Immemorial 2009

14 Nov - 23 Dec 2009
24Hr Art: NT Centre for Contemporary Art

Immemorial – reaching back beyond memory

Curators: Sudjud Dartanto, Independent Curator and Lecturer Indonesia institute of Art, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Director: Steve Eland

iCAN Indonesia Contempoaray Art Network Yogyakarta


An abduction of a little girl by gypsies and her ensuing rescue, adoption and fairytale marriage became legendary in family history. This legend threads its way through the trials, tribulations and triumphs of my paternal ancestors lives. This piece uses the sails of a windjammer to trace the emblematic events that shaped those lives.

Ashley Crawford (freelance writer based in Melbourne) Excerpt from Ouija in Yogya Art Monthly Australia # 226 December 2009 – February 2010

Stanton installed massive black flags emblazoned with motifs refering to familial history: an antique wagon, a kookaburra, a dapper gent, cattle, a plunging child and a longboat. These icons were reversed on the walls ; black against white. Stanton has distilled her ancestral history in bold strokes, strangely implicating the viewer via the embracing installation rendered on the stygian- black windjammer sails.

Artist Talk presented at the Immemorial exhibition held at Chan Contemporary Art Space darwin in 2011

Catriona Stanton artist talk

Photos: Min Wong

  • <i>Tracing Haberfield</i> Cotton and Jute, 2009
  • <i>Tracing Haberfield (detail)</i> Cotton and Jute, 2009
  • <i>Tracing Haberfield (detail)</i> Cotton and Jute, 2009
  • Immemorial – 2009
  • <i>Tracing Haberfield (detail)</i> Cotton and Jute, 2009
  • <i>Tracing Haberfield (detail)</i> Cotton and Jute, 2009