Catriona Stanton

Hold Back Nothing 2008

Catriona Stanton

14 - 31 May 2008
DVAA Woods St Gallery Darwin

14 – 31 May 2008
DVAA Darwin Visual Arts Asociation
Woods Street Gallery

New work from the DVAA studio floor by Catriona Stanton

Hold back Nothing traces explorations and developments while in residence at the DVAA studios. Incidental materials such as respirator mesh, swizzle sticks and toothpicks have been moulded into mutating organic forms and intense fields of colour.

In Hold Back Nothing the tension of the creative act without artifice, without agenda has been undertaken. Deconstruction is a much part of this process as is creation. The works came from experimenting with materials and being fascinated with where the process takes you, being in dialogue with the materials. The relationship between organic and artificial, matter and ether, reality and illusion are toyed with in a very hands-on approach. Hold Back Nothing penetrates the realms of liquid, matter, colour and flight in an attempt to find the point where material and maker meet.

Artist Statement
Hold Back Nothing – is this a terrible misnomer when one month before the exhibition all I want to do is hold back everything. Originally the intention was to experiment with materials that I happened upon during my Masters research but felt too much of a digression to pursue at the time. What were those materials…resin, aluminium, flux of tin and lead, expanding foam, adhesives and pigment – who would have thought an artistic practice could be so hazardous? Pregnancy certainly brought this into focus.

In the first three months of the pregnancy I would come into the studio with every intention of making that mould and end up turning on the air con, pulling out the swag and sleeping through Franck’s Herculean activities with the drop saw next door. Then it was facing the realization that no matter how I looked at it alternative materials needed to be found. Non- toxic resin, this sounds promising until frothing and foaming destroys one of my precious box frames from Don.

At one point of despair I suggested Talitha could exhibit with me. That would have been fine except she had planned a trip to Melbourne at the time of the exhibition. This was going to take some very creative problem solving. Working with limitations is a necessary evil! So husband, friends, strangers were enlisted and new directions found. And in the end the title holds true as almost everything I have created in the 7 months of pregnancy is in the exhibition.




Catriona Stanton

  • <i>Optical Picks</i> Mixed media, 2008
  • <i>Cadmium Matter</i> Mixed media, 2008
  • <i>Swathe II</i> Toothpicks, pva, aluminium, 2008
  • <i>Molten Solder I</i> and <i>Molten Solder II</i> cold cast aluminium, 2008
  • <i>Hanging Furs</i> Faux fur and cotton, 2008
  • <i>Breathing Forms</i> Dust masks, 2008
  • <i>Breathing Forms</i> Dust masks, 2008
  • <<i>Hold Back Nothing (installation shot)</i> 2008
  • <i>Hold Back Nothing (installation shot)</i> 2008