Catriona Stanton

Echo 2013

Collaboration: Anne Ooms & Catriona Stanton

8 Nov – 16 Nov 2013
The Hold Artspace Brisbane

Echo is the second collaboration with Anne Ooms and the installation comprises three elements : book, pencil and objects. The book comprises of reproductions of art works and illustrations by other artists, fragments of which formed the starting point of Ooms’ drawings. The copies occur in the order they are listed in the contents page. Some fragments are copied quite closely in her drawings, others are morphed, edited and embellished. Photocopies of the drawings became the catalysts for Stanton’s sculptural working, whose process was similarly derivative and intuitive. There were no further prescriptions for the collaboration, each artists had the freedom to go where they wished, but with anothers work somewhere in mind. Art always echoes art and artists converse with, confess to and seduce each other with their work. There is no origin. An artist looks at anothers art with a bowerbird’s eye. In Echo, we foreground the pleasure in influence.

Photos: Luke Kidd

  • Catriona Stanton<i> Fur and Slip</i> Porcelain and faux fur, 2013
  • Catriona Stanton<i> Dream Catcher</i> Mixed media, 2013
  • Catriona Stanton<i> Adrift</i> Mixed media, 2013
  • Catriona Stanton <i>Fins</i> Found object and acrylic, 2013
  • Catriona Stanton<i> Disco Ball</i> Mixed media, 2013
  • Catriona Stanton<i> Mountain</i> Paper clay, 2013
  • Catriona Stanton,<i> Trident</i> Mixed media, 2013
  • Anne Ooms, <i> Organ Tales</i> Gouache on paper, 2013
  • Anne Ooms, <i> Organ Tales</i> Gouache on paper, 2013
  • Anne Ooms, <i>Drawings</i> Pencil on paper, 2013
  • Anne Ooms, <i>installation shot</i> Pencil on paper, 2013